Rain Down On Me: Chapter 2 – Sunshine

March 28, 2006

He awakens.
"G'mornin Sunshine!"

I flick him a smile.
Mornin'! Did you sleep well? Want some breakfast? We've got toast and scrambled eggs or milk with cereal? I don't wait for an answer but I just hop up and head for the kitchen. I don't do early morning conversations. How can you choke up some bullshit and smile when you haven't even had time to put on your mask?

I love the mornings. I rise early, watch the sun creep into the sky and prepare myself for what the day will bring. Is it a good or bad day? It's alright I've picked my mask for the day.

He saunteres into the kitchen and flops into a chair.

"I can't stay long Sweetcakes. The real world awaits me. Lots of places to go and people to see."

Boy I wish I could smack that stupid grin off his face!

Alrighty, just finish up your breakfast and get going. I'll wash up. I'm still smiling. This is it. I've got to do this soon. I've got to end this. For me. For my sanity. Should I wipe him out quick? Or should I make it slow and painful? Why are these things so hard to do!? They make it look so easy in the movies.

I move to the window and look out. Coffee mug in hand. I hear the shower turn on upstairs. I'm alone for now. I wave at Mrs. Alice walking her Dog. Dorry doesn't seem to have a care in the world. She just squats and dumps wherever. Mrs Alice picks up her crap after her. Dumb dog. She didn't even bark when Mrs Alice house got robbed last month. If Dorry was mine I'd have gotten the robbers to take her too!

I shut out the world outside as I stand still with my eyes close.
Soaking in the warm morning rays and wishing. Just wishing I was there. That place I often dream about. I don't wanna be here.


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