Rain Down On Me: Chapter 3 – The Rain

March 28, 2006

I lace my Adidas and head for the front door. I need to get out. Some air would do me good. Work can wait. Deadlines… let them die. I open the door and gasp as the chill of the evening rain hits my face. It's pouring outside but I don't care. All I wanna do is run.
I want to feel my feet pounding on the pavement. I want to hear the trees rustling in the wind and I want to feel the rain whipping at my cheeks. I want to run, splashing through puddles and zooming past the world all around me. I want to feel alive. The rain turns into a steady downpour. I can see people looking at me from behind their curtains. I know what they're thinking.

"She's mad! It's raining cats and dogs out there"

But I don't care.

"She does this everytime it rains"

"But why?"

No one knows. No one asks. I smile to myself knowing that this secret is mine. This joy is mine alone. The rain, the puddles, the pavement, the trees and the wind, is mine, for now. They hear me.


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