Rain Down On Me: Chapter 4 – The Bath

March 28, 2006

I trudge back home an hour later. My trainers sloshing, filled with water. I drip water all the way up to the bathroom where I undress and don my towel. I stare at the bruised figure i see in my mirror. The bluish black marks have almost dissapeared. But the pain is etched in forever. I draw a bath and reach for my favourite bubble bath-; peaches and rosemary. I look at all the bottles lined up on the edge of the bath and figure I'll just drop a little bit of everything in. So in goes the Papaya & Grapefruit, White Musk, Ocean Breeze, Stawberry Delight, Lillies & Avocado and Mango Tango. The water swirls with all the different colors, illuminating with different smells which seem to blend into one fruity – flowery scent.

I don't know how long i've been here, but the water's turned cold.
My fingers and toes are all pruney. I smell delightful.

Tonight's the night. I have to end this. I hear the keys clinking and the lock turn on the door downstairs. He's home.


One Response to “Rain Down On Me: Chapter 4 – The Bath”

  1. chingz Says:

    Beb, can’t wait for the next chapter!! Love the mystery surrounding the character… waiting to unveil it… 🙂

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