Rain Down On Me: Chapter 1 – This is Me

March 28, 2006

It’s dull here. i’m longing for an escape.
I long to be near where You are. Basking in the glorious warmth of the morning sun instead of choking here on the pungent smell of sorrow.

Joy eludes me.
I know not why.
Maybe its because she knows of the darkness deep within me. Or maybe I’m just incapable of opening my heart to the music that she brings.

My mind awakes again at the sound of rustlings sheets. The figure beside me stirs again. Why can’t he be silent and motionless? They’re all the same. Maybe I should move to the other room. I’ll get some sleep there.

I sit on my marble white floor, staring into the white empty space. The house although bare isn’t silent but glows in the warm morning rays. I fix the strings on my white linen pants and pick up my white ipod.
White. It’s all white. I fix my white earpiece on and turn the scroller. Nope. Not all white. It’s dark music I’m hearing. My heart thumps to the beat beneath my white halter. This is me.

The picture painted on the canvas is not what it seems at all. Only the few aesthethic can begin to comprehend the strokes and swishes I make on my canvas. Thus unveiling the true me. The real me. I am not the artwork that I portray myself to be.


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