Rain Down On Me: Chapter 5 – Stronger

July 7, 2006

What happend next is still a blur to me. The look on his face. The tension being sliced by a half choked sob. The array of questions, insults and accusations. The outpouring of all dislike and hate. All my anger searing up to lead to two last words.

“Get out!”

I stand stock still. Only moving as i carefully press a white Kleenex against my bloody nose. He tries again. Pleading. Begging even to stay. He appologises for his ‘momentary violent outbreak’. My silence irks him even more. I silently pray.

“God make this all go away!”

I get lost in my moment of prayer, and then i hear him shuffle past me. He makes sure he closes the door carefully, without a slam. I look at the shut door envisioning him behind it. Looking right back at me. His gaze burning a hole through the door.

“Why baby? Why? Why do you push away love when it’s the one thing you need?”

I lock the door and sink into my nook in the corner. Surrounded by my white washed walls and marbled tiled floors. I know of only one eternal Love and that which comes from above. The morning will bring me new joy and a new hope. But for now, peace, as my mind floats towards the sunny parks where i run and let His presence just rain down on me.


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