The Lonely Girl: Prelude – One

October 31, 2007

The little girl in the pale white dress with blue flowers danced about in the vast wide field. She chased the butterflies and spoke to the grasshoppers as she connected with the blades of gold and green.

She loved the swoosh of the wind and the light chatter of birds. She danced in their melody and they sang their heart out just for her. Her bright 5-year old mind knew they loved her. And nature knew it had a grasp on her.

For no one else stopped to listen to the songs that resounded in the air. And no one else took notice of the trees that whispered its story of how nature met the little girl in the pale white dress.

It found her. And she found them. The patter of her naked feet on the creek and the swishing and swaying of the tall trees seem to tell u that girl and nature were one.

And one couldn’t survive without the other.


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