The Lonely Girl – Chapter 1 – Monday

January 11, 2011

A phone rings in the distance rousing her out of the reverie she’s been in. Elise sighs and turns back to her notebook letting her mind tune in to the words she was seeing on the screen.

“Where is the proposal Elise? It should have been on my desk this morning. Rgds, Mark”

“Check your side table. -Elise-”

“Found it. Next time put it where I can see it. Mark.”

“How unappreciative,” thought Elise as she worked on yet another proposal while finishing the sandwich left over from lunch. Monday’s just the beginning and it’s already a drag she thinks wondering what the rest of the week would be like.

Every so often, her eyes would wander to the big paned windows on the far side of the office. She could see the trees outside swaying with the wind, hear the din of the streets below as cars whisked by and people clamour to get places. She can almost smell the rain creeping up on the city from the far side of town.

“Everything’s a pandemonium of sounds and sights just before the rain,” she thought smiling to herself.

Snapping herself back to work Elise’s fingers never leave the keyboard as she works on a story – the one she’s been stuck on all weekend.

After three hours she types the last period and lets out a sigh of relief as her story is done. The sudden quietness of the office makes her look up only to realise they have all left.

“The last one again. I wonder if anyone noticed I was still around.”

Elise slowly packs her bag and shuts down her notebook. Another day, another night… she thinks to herself as she walks out into the wet, dark streets of Kuala Lumpur. The evening rain is down to a light drizzle. She doesn’t mind it at all.

Living just 5 blocks away was a blessing thought Elise as she walks past rows of shop houses all shutting down for the night. The city crowd thins out as she reaches her apartment in an unfrequented part of town. Nice, quiet, and safe. Elise looks up at the block of stacked houses. None of her neighbours are out, but the silence of the night was punctuated with laughter from an apartment probably from a sitcom and every so often you’d hear a mother screaming at her child to get ready for bed. Lights burn in most of the windows indicating life, Elise observes as she walks up the flight of stairs which lead to her humble abode.


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