The Lonely Girl – Chapter 3 – Sunrise

August 15, 2012


The early-morning stillness is my time for reflection and to connect with The Big Guy in prayer.

I sit on the balcony looking out at the KL Skyline as colour slowly seeps into the city. Faint orange and purple hues swept artistically seemingly with purpose. My stage is being unveiled for a new day, with new hope and new dreams.

It’s a beautiful sight.

Thankful that I’m too high to hear the din of the city streets, I enjoy the silence as it provides a suitable alter for my soul. In the stillness, I weigh the day to come.

My thoughts drift from the necessary routine to the spectacular tasks ahead. I consider my day’s schedule, the things to accomplish and the appointments to keep. After mentally checking off the to-dos, my mind wanders deeper. It goes to a place absent of urgency – it goes beyond the stillness around me to a place of beauty.

What lay before me was my life; complete with setbacks and failures and disappointments. My vision blurs as I recall the mess I’ve made of this life so far. But tucked within, I see beauty. It peeks out of every nook and cranny. I smile as I realise how thankful I am to be able to see such beauty in the breakdown.

In life, there only ever are two choices – Struggle with the complexity or delight in the simplicity.

Gripping my coffee mug with both hands, I close my eyes and say a prayer of thanksgiving. I’ve survived to see yet another amazing sunrise.

After a quick shower, I play dress-up. Laying my clothes out on the bed, deciding what outfit to wear. I try to pick out something that suits my outlook for the day. “A summery yellow top and brown corduroy pants. That should work!” It somewhat reflect the quirky me yet still be formal enough for the work place. I make a mental note to “be gorgeous”. After all… I did wake up feeling more alive today. It’s a good change. I need to savour it. This change could very well be lost again before the day ends.

Just one last pat with the powder puff and one last fluff of my curly brown hair. Grabbing my bag, I head out the door.

I stride into the new day that awaits me.


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