The Lonely Girl – Chapter 2 – Now I lay me down to sleep

August 15, 2012

Elise lay awake well into the night thinking about the day that was long done. Her mumbled prayers included asking God to hold her physically, to take away the loneliness that plagued in the night, once the day quietneed and the distractions faded with the sun.

She stretched out on her bed and it felt as big as the ocean. Her tiny frame felt lost in the middle of it. Even in the hot Malaysian weather, she rolled herself into a cocoon with her blanket so she could feel something – anything – surrounding her.

Squinting into the dark, she pictured the faces of the day. The “Mad Hatter” she met on the corner of the train station. She wore the same denim overalls but always a different hat. Today she had on a black baret which looked a little worn for use. She saw the “Tranny Diva” with the cool shoes, as she walked the remaining two blocks to her office. The Diva probrably worked at the mall and was always made up with a model-esque air about her. She had on a dark red pair of workboots paired with an all-black ensemble which made her looks really badass!

As she reached the tall glass doors of The Big Corporation, she bumped into Eddy from accounting who said “G’mornin Elise!”. That sort of made her day. He was the only one who ever said “Hi”. Elise couldn’t remember what she was so deep in thought about as she rode the lift and missed her floor. Recalling the days events, she wondered if it was fate or coincidence that made her step out on the 10th floor where she met the new guy.

The one with the most charming smile. He said “Hi” too, as Elise stumbled around the 10th floor looking for the stairwell where she could walk back down to her office on the 7th floor. Mumbling a quick “Hello” and giving him a shy smile in return, Elise made a dash
for the EXIT sign and she heard a faint “see you around” as the door closed silently behind her.

“It’ll be nice to see more of him,” Elise thought smiling.

Sighing she turned to her side and flung off the stuffy blankets and checked the clock on her night stand. The bright red 2:00 am blinked at a steady pace and Elise sunk back into her pillow with a yawn.

As if the invisible dust of the phantom Sandman settled on her, a faint smile played on her face as  sleep enveloped her. There she dreamed of the person with wide brown eyes and the most charming of smiles.


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