I am …

August 2, 2011

I am the River
I am the Sea
I am the lovely Ocean Breeze.

I am the Salty Sprays carried by the wind
I am the warmth, that shines upon your skin.

I am the sand you gleefully tuck your toes in
I am the soft still breeze that gently caresses your cheek
I am the roaring waves that come rushing to your feet.

I am the white foam trails on the barren beach
I am that which brings life from beneath
I am all that you so often seek.

I am Him who brings Peace from within
I am  Him who loves without ceasing,
I am Him who helps you keep breathing.

As you wade into the darkest depths,
I am He who gives you strength to keep living.


I Run

July 20, 2011

This was a work in progress and I managed to finish it in time for The Worship Project my church was having. I read it as part of a performance piece I helped choreograph with a friend who is such a beautiful dancer. I think she managed to capture the hopefulness of the piece. 🙂

I Run 

I run,
Away from them, him, her,
I run

Lost and Confused,
Seperated and removed
far from your presence
I Run

Battling fears
with hoisting spears
still too strong for tears
I Run

Hearing a voice
Rising above the noise
a silent Hope screams loud
I stumble and I pause

A tug at my heart
heartstrings play a chord
What’s left within me implores
I Turn

Lights lit by Love
eminating at every curve
Knowing I do not deserve
I hesitate

Seeing your face
I’m touched by your grace
the Hope I dare chase
Into your presence
I run

A phone rings in the distance rousing her out of the reverie she’s been in. Elise sighs and turns back to her notebook letting her mind tune in to the words she was seeing on the screen.

“Where is the proposal Elise? It should have been on my desk this morning. Rgds, Mark”

“Check your side table. -Elise-”

“Found it. Next time put it where I can see it. Mark.”

“How unappreciative,” thought Elise as she worked on yet another proposal while finishing the sandwich left over from lunch. Monday’s just the beginning and it’s already a drag she thinks wondering what the rest of the week would be like.

Every so often, her eyes would wander to the big paned windows on the far side of the office. She could see the trees outside swaying with the wind, hear the din of the streets below as cars whisked by and people clamour to get places. She can almost smell the rain creeping up on the city from the far side of town.

“Everything’s a pandemonium of sounds and sights just before the rain,” she thought smiling to herself.

Snapping herself back to work Elise’s fingers never leave the keyboard as she works on a story – the one she’s been stuck on all weekend.

After three hours she types the last period and lets out a sigh of relief as her story is done. The sudden quietness of the office makes her look up only to realise they have all left.

“The last one again. I wonder if anyone noticed I was still around.”

Elise slowly packs her bag and shuts down her notebook. Another day, another night… she thinks to herself as she walks out into the wet, dark streets of Kuala Lumpur. The evening rain is down to a light drizzle. She doesn’t mind it at all.

Living just 5 blocks away was a blessing thought Elise as she walks past rows of shop houses all shutting down for the night. The city crowd thins out as she reaches her apartment in an unfrequented part of town. Nice, quiet, and safe. Elise looks up at the block of stacked houses. None of her neighbours are out, but the silence of the night was punctuated with laughter from an apartment probably from a sitcom and every so often you’d hear a mother screaming at her child to get ready for bed. Lights burn in most of the windows indicating life, Elise observes as she walks up the flight of stairs which lead to her humble abode.

… and so she danced

October 16, 2010

May 13, 2009

The pathway seems narrow,
the streets seem bare,
she cannot find beauty,
in things tho’ she stares.

So she imagines a place,
a far away land,
of Angels and daffodils,
Broken hearts they mend.

She runs through the trees,
walk like the waltz and sing like the breeze,
Earth and wind stood still to watch her,
as she danced, as she danced.

She danced trough the winter,
She danced through the pain,
She danced to oblivion and started again,

Fire and water stood still in wonder,
as she danced, as she danced.


Quiet time

July 15, 2009

God I’m here. I’m listening. This is quiet time right.
Like heloooo. *crickets*
Crap. Just great! Your bird just took a dump at me.
Now i’ve gotta go home and wash my hair (again!) and change and do extra laundry.
Haven’t you heard of global warming. Yes and I’m the cause of it. Extra water = Global Warming.
I dunno how exactly but i must have read that somewhere.

I’m back
So….. right.
Remember what happened at work?
You heard what she said. Owh the nerve!
Can you like smite her or something?
Please? Pretty please? Ok how bout giving her a huge zit?
No? Fine. I’ll deal.

SO anywhooo…. I’m not good with this quiet time thing.
Read? hokay.
I’ve stopped at…. Kings. There’s too much fighting in here. I’ll flip to… Psalms.
There’s always something nice in there.
Owh …. it’s depressing….. His bones are aching and he can’t sleep.

Proverbs maybe?

Okay i’m done. That was a good read. That person should read this.
I’m still peeved of him.
You know of all the things he could’ve done, he had to do that to ME.
What the heck. He’s an @ss.

Ok God what is it? You’re not speaking loud enough.
Huh? What? Like do I have all day?

Owh wait.. i think my anger’s drowning you out.

Lets do something

January 14, 2009

lets do something
something radical
something life changing
something that’s anything

lets do something
to hell with duty
escape the uniformity
the life we’re tired of managing
the jobs we find so frustrating

lets do something
jump on a ship
sail the open seas
hop on a cart or
build buildings with Habitat
I want to do something

I will do something…..

Will you come with me?

The little girl in the pale white dress with blue flowers danced about in the vast wide field. She chased the butterflies and spoke to the grasshoppers as she connected with the blades of gold and green.

She loved the swoosh of the wind and the light chatter of birds. She danced in their melody and they sang their heart out just for her. Her bright 5-year old mind knew they loved her. And nature knew it had a grasp on her.

For no one else stopped to listen to the songs that resounded in the air. And no one else took notice of the trees that whispered its story of how nature met the little girl in the pale white dress.

It found her. And she found them. The patter of her naked feet on the creek and the swishing and swaying of the tall trees seem to tell u that girl and nature were one.

And one couldn’t survive without the other.