Quiet time

July 15, 2009

God I’m here. I’m listening. This is quiet time right.
Like heloooo. *crickets*
Crap. Just great! Your bird just took a dump at me.
Now i’ve gotta go home and wash my hair (again!) and change and do extra laundry.
Haven’t you heard of global warming. Yes and I’m the cause of it. Extra water = Global Warming.
I dunno how exactly but i must have read that somewhere.

I’m back
So….. right.
Remember what happened at work?
You heard what she said. Owh the nerve!
Can you like smite her or something?
Please? Pretty please? Ok how bout giving her a huge zit?
No? Fine. I’ll deal.

SO anywhooo…. I’m not good with this quiet time thing.
Read? hokay.
I’ve stopped at…. Kings. There’s too much fighting in here. I’ll flip to… Psalms.
There’s always something nice in there.
Owh …. it’s depressing….. His bones are aching and he can’t sleep.

Proverbs maybe?

Okay i’m done. That was a good read. That person should read this.
I’m still peeved of him.
You know of all the things he could’ve done, he had to do that to ME.
What the heck. He’s an @ss.

Ok God what is it? You’re not speaking loud enough.
Huh? What? Like do I have all day?

Owh wait.. i think my anger’s drowning you out.


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